Grading. Assessment. Feedback. Literacy.

That’s what this site is about. And that’s what a big part of teaching is about.

4 Focal Points, 4 Guiding Statements:


For over a century, American educators have struggled to make grades accurate and equitable. It’s time we finally do so.


Whether formative or summative, the continual gathering of evidence to determine students’ current level of learning is crucial to the success of classroom teachers. We must be creative and innovative in our creation and use of assessments.


The lifeblood of teaching and learning with close connections to formative assessment and rubrics, effective feedback is specific, timely, actionable, and continuous.


Reading is essential to living a high-quality life. Therefore, it’s our job as educators to get ALL of our students to truly become readers.

Dr. Josh Kunnath is an 11th grade English teacher and department chair at Highland High School in Bakersfield, California, where he has served since 2008. He writes, conducts research, and practices on his areas of expertise, which include grading, assessment, feedback, and literacy. He also serves as editor of the Journal of School Administration Research and Development (JSARD), an open-access academic journal focusing on K-12 educational leadership.

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