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Planning Ahead to Keep Up With the Rapid Evolution of School

Like it or not, our schools are rapidly changing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When schools first closed in March, educators had little time to prepare for the precipitate transition to distance learning. Perhaps most challenging was the unknown: not knowing what effective distance learning instruction looks like, not knowing exactly how to do it,… Continue reading Planning Ahead to Keep Up With the Rapid Evolution of School

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Motivating Students Without Grades

Image by Gerd Altmann As distance learning continues around the country, teachers may find themselves grappling with the topic of student motivation. Bereft of the traditional tools and strategies commonly used to motivate students in face-to-face instruction, teachers may feel powerless to teach any student other than the most motivated. And for many, the biggest… Continue reading Motivating Students Without Grades

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Some Criticisms of Distance Learning Packets

I’ve been openly critical of the packets that school districts around the country have assigned en masse as a part of their COVID-19 response plans. So I’d like to provide context for these criticisms. I'd also like to point out that these criticisms are meant to push our schools to continue to do more to serve… Continue reading Some Criticisms of Distance Learning Packets